[asterisk-dev] Xorcom claims

Oron Peled oron at actcom.co.il
Sat Aug 4 02:20:45 CDT 2007

On Saturday, 4 בAugust 2007 09:08, bob_is_me at cox.net wrote:
> Xorcom claims that:
> from their press release at:
>   http://www.xorcom.com/documentation/white_papers/fax_modem 
> ...
> Tzaifir has been pushing a patch that tries to help the USB / interrupt
> latency issues of zaptel...

The patch has nothing to do with latency. It tries to enable *different*
zaptel drivers to synchronize with each other.

> and they come accross as telling the market that zaptel doesn't work
> without their patch. period. Is this true?

Please read more carefully the paper you referred to:
  1. Zaptel has no problem with different cards handled with
     the *same* driver.
  2. With different drivers, each gets its own clock from the
     interrupts generated by its cards. They are *almost* the same.
  3. Because of the slightly different *frequencies* a packet may
     sometimes be lost (not big problem for voice).
  4. Fax/modem may get disconnections as a result of this loss.

Yes, this is true.

> Once again, point me at the problem and I will fix it.

* Thanks.
* I hope now the problem is clear.
* Xorcom fix does already work.
* Anybody (including you) are invited to improve it or
  implement a better one.
* That's how free software gets better.

> Xorcom is pushing a blatant lie here, and I am calling them out on it. 

First you ask "Is it true?" and than you are confident enough
to call other people by names...

Let's stop trolling. Anybody is more than welcome to use/not-use this
code. People who understand the problem are more than welcome to suggest
concrete improvements, etc.

[disclaimer: I'm the writer of Xorcom drivers (including the bugs ;-)
             so don't take my word on these issue, check for yourselves]

[disclaimer2: I'm going for a vacation, so I'll probably won't be able
              to reply to anybody soon. Sorry.]

Have a nice summer everybody,

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