[asterisk-dev] zaptel, menuselect and autoconf

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Wed Aug 1 13:56:26 CDT 2007

Brian Capouch wrote:
> Russell Bryant wrote:
>> If there is a problem where you are having trouble building Asterisk,
>> then it is much more likely related to our configure script and how we
>> use its output in the Makefiles.  But, I need some details to fix it.
>> Let's identify the real problems here and make sure we're not
>> identifying a wishlist item as a serious bug.
> Here's one, I think.  I just did a checkout, and got this error from the 
> build system as it was running configure:
>  > checking for /dev/urandom... configure: error: cannot check for file
>  > existence when cross compiling

Fixed in trunk as of revision 77875.

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