[asterisk-dev] zaptel, menuselect and autoconf

Russell Bryant russell at digium.com
Wed Aug 1 11:15:45 CDT 2007

Kristian Kielhofner wrote:
>   I have had the same issues building with AstLinux.
>   As has been pointed out before menuselect is not friendly for
> scripts or Makefiles.  I don't understand why we need it at all.
> There are already several different ways to build complicated software
> on *NIX systems.

Can you please describe what your problems are so that we can fix them?

Let me go over some things that I have said numerous times already:

1) You do *NOT* have to run menuselect in interactive mode.  This is
entirely optional.  Thus, it should not get in the way of automated builds.

2) It removes *NOTHING* from what we had in Asterisk 1.2.  It only adds
features to the build system.

If your problem is that there is an interactive way to customize the
build, but not an extremely easy way to do it from a script, then that
is not a problem.  That was never something that was possible.  It *is*
possible if you generate the proper menuselect.makeopts file, but that's
aside from the point, really.

If there is a problem where you are having trouble building Asterisk,
then it is much more likely related to our configure script and how we
use its output in the Makefiles.  But, I need some details to fix it.

Let's identify the real problems here and make sure we're not
identifying a wishlist item as a serious bug.

Russell Bryant
Software Engineer
Digium, Inc.

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