[asterisk-dev] asterisk as media gateway/proxy

Ryan Mitchell brak2718 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 19:38:04 MST 2007

This topic has come up a few times before in various forms --

We have a Java based b2bua/proxy that we use in conjunction with OpenSER and
Asterisk (for voicemail, etc), and need to find a way to interface it to a
media gateway to do transcoding (and rtp relay to get around firewalls).

Maybe media gateway isn't the right term.  What I'm looking for is something
like the media proxy module for SER with the capability to transcode.  To
wrangle Asterisk into doing this, I have 3 ideas:

1. Use chan_mgcp.  I think this is not possible because chan_mgcp implements
a call agent, not a media gateway.  Am I wrong?

2. Write a new channel driver that does some form of rpc with the
softswitch; implement commands to setup/teardown rtp sessions.

3. Simulate #2 using chan_sip: the rpc in this case is SIP, and the
softswitch gets more complicated.

If there's an easier way to accomplish what I'm trying to do, I'd be
greatful if somebody pointed it out to me.


Ryan Mitchell
Telecom Logic, LLC
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