[asterisk-dev] More MeetMe architecture questions

Dan Austin Dan_Austin at Phoenix.com
Thu Apr 26 15:09:49 MST 2007

My adventure in extending the RealTime functionality
in app_meetme continues.  The scheduling features are
complete, and functional, including option alerts if
the caller is too early, and the option to allow callers
to join before the exact start time.

Setting the options for the conference is proving much
more interesting.  Not so much from a coding point of
view, as a design issue.  A key concept behind my 
stand-alone scheduler app is a separation of conference
options between users and moderators.  While app_meetme
has the ability use separate pins for users and moderators
it does not treat them much differently except for in the
audio menus.

Would it be reasonable to 'set' these options for a caller
that entered the admin pin:  'aA' and further clear these
options for the admin if set on the conference: 'lm'

Lastly, is anyone even remotely interested in a version
of app_meetme with scheduler and resource limit enforcement


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