[asterisk-dev] Re: Kernic panic: Re: qwell: branch 1.2 r2434 - /branches/1.2/

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at digium.com
Thu Apr 26 13:14:46 MST 2007

Tony Mountifield wrote:

> This is fair enough, but the 1.2 branch, and mostly too the 1.4 branch
> have always been stated as being for bug fixes only, not for new features.
> Doesn't the pre-EC monitoring stuff count as a new feature?

Yes, it does. When I originally tasked Jason with writing it I thought
it was going to be more invasive and we planned on _not_ putting into
1.2, but just giving a patch to our support department to use when they
needed to.

After he got it working and we saw how relatively safe it was, I decided
it was OK to put it into 1.2, especially since it has no effect if you
don't try to use it. That was before I broke it though :-(

Also, just in case it's not clear: we do handle release policy
differently for Zaptel than we do for Asterisk. We are more likely to
add new functionality to Zaptel release branches when it is clearly
defined and its side effects are well understood, whereas with Asterisk
we pretty much just don't add new functionality to release branches at all.

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