[asterisk-dev] More manager, more manager, more manager

Olle E Johansson olle at voop.com
Wed Apr 25 12:29:46 MST 2007

I've started a new YAOB (YAOB = yet another Olle branch) to clean up  
and add to manager a bit. It's based
on 1.4, for some specific reasons. It's called "moremanager"

I'm proposing to implement this cleanup in trunk and update the  
manager revision from 1.0 to 1.1 to indicate
the changes.

Among the changes are things to make it easier to write a parser,  
like Always having the Result/Response or
Event: header as the first line in an event, and try to be more  
consequent in naming the current channel "Channel"
- not Channel1, SrcChannel, THischannel or ThatChannel.

I've documented the changes for your review. Please read and comment  
or - you can do it - test it!


Looking forward to your feedback.


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