[asterisk-dev] Re: extensions.conf included contexts priorities

Benny Amorsen benny+usenet at amorsen.dk
Wed Apr 25 09:50:29 MST 2007

>>>>> "AK" == Andrew Kohlsmith <akohlsmith-asterisk at benshaw.com> writes:

AK> That's exactly what I'd have expected to happen as well... If not,
AK> maybe some
AK> damn-i-seem-to-still-be-a-newbie-after-years-of-using-asterisk
AK> warning that states "include statement encountered before end of
AK> context, this may not do what you expect it to do" type of thing.

How about a more general "extensions not ordered, this may not do what
you expect it to do"? Or simply fixing the problem by turning off all
this sorting and reordering...


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