SV: [asterisk-dev] Background(file|n) blocking in early audio

Tilghman Lesher tilghman at
Sun Apr 22 09:23:47 MST 2007

On Sunday 22 April 2007, Håkon Nessjøen wrote:
> > This is the -dev list, for discussion of code development.
> > You have posed a user question, which is germane to the
> > -users list only.  Please go to the -users list and ask your
> > question there.
> My question was mostly meant to the persons being responsible for the early
> audio code of Background().
> Is it reasonable for me to go into the code and try to fix it with a short
> fix. Or is it a longshot?
> And is it a bug, or is it made like Playback() because it is hard to
> accomplish? (I can't se how a bug is user list material?)

No, it is not a bug.  It is intentional behavior.  Background refers to the
behavior of playing the sound in the background while waiting for DTMF
in the foreground.  It has nothing to do with early audio.  That is why I
wanted you to ask on the -users list.  (It is actually far more related to
WaitExten than it is related to Playback.)

> If you still feel that this is a user question, i will try to post there.
> Or else I will see if someone else have any answer for me here.

We try not to answer user-level questions here, otherwise we will encourage
people to disrupt development discussions with questions that are better left
to the -users list.  That is why there is a segregation of lists.


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