[asterisk-dev] Background(file|n) blocking in early audio

Tilghman Lesher tilghman at mail.jeffandtilghman.com
Sun Apr 22 06:56:49 MST 2007

On Sunday 22 April 2007, Håkon Nessjøen wrote:
> We were going to use "early audio" on a zap device to play a tune while the
> phone is ringing.
> But Background(audiofile,n) is suddenly a blocking call just like
> Playback(audiofile,noanswer).
> So the following Dial() line will not be used until the entire audio-file
> is done playing.
> Is this a bug, or what? I can't se any documentation of this behaviour
> anywhere.
> Is this very hard to enable, code-wise?

This is the -dev list, for discussion of code development.  You have
posed a user question, which is germane to the -users list only.  Please
go to the -users list and ask your question there.


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