[asterisk-dev] IAX channel variables

Dominic Fox dominic.fox at digitalmail.com
Wed Apr 18 02:32:09 MST 2007


(Cross-posting from -users, as I've not had any response there and maybe 
someone on the dev list will be better acquainted with the details):

I'm a developer writing FastAgi scripts to do Asterisk call handling. 
One of the functions provided by these scripts is to collect call data 
and write it into our own custom CDR tables. For SIP-based calls, for 
example, we find it useful to capture the SIP call ID so that we can use 
it to marry together the CDR and a wireshark log of the SIP and RTP 
packets involved in the call.

I now have a requirement to do the same thing for IAX-based calls. Is 
there an IAX equivalent to GETVARIABLE(SIP_HEADER(Call-ID)) that would 
return the 15-bit Call Number(s?) for the IAX streams involved in the 
call? Are there any IAX-specific channel variables at all that can be 
accessed via GETVARIABLE (or some alternative method)?

(Also, if there's no way to do this at present, any pointers on where I 
might look to patch the code so that I *can* do it would be gratefully 

Best wishes,
Dominic Fox

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