[asterisk-dev] Custom SIP headers and reinvites

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at digium.com
Tue Apr 17 19:14:22 MST 2007

Watkins, Bradley wrote:

> I guess what I'm looking for is some guidance on what the correct
> behavior is here.  Obviously, these headers should be available one way
> or the other.  The question is whether the reinvite should have the
> custom headers or whether they need to have some more persistant storage
> at the receiving end.  I'm inclined to say the latter, as it's possible
> that you could have this same issue with other B2BUA's in a similar
> scenario.

I would agree in principle that this is the receiving end's
responsibility to handle. The first issue will be clearly defining which
headers should be preserved throughout the life of the dialog even when
subsequent INVITEs have been received. This could be just 'all headers
that begin with X-' or it could be more complex than that, but the more
complex it is the less likely it will get treated as a 'bug fix' or a
simple enhancement :-)

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