[asterisk-dev] sip mwi

Clod Patry cpatry at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 08:27:31 MST 2007

hi guys,
when looking a deep look at how the MWI works in chan_sip.c, I started
asked myself:

transmit_notify_with_mwi() sends a notify based on RFC 3842 (old

Voice-Message: 1/3 (0/1)
the (0/0) bugs is only for urgent messages (new/old), right?
Also, is there a reason why the urgents messages (0/0) is hard-coded?

So is the MWI is fully RFC compliant to  3842 (im in process of
reading and checking with *) ? Apparently not, based on the hard-coded

If having a phone which makes the dial changing on MWI, but no light
flashing, what could be the problem exactly? A missing notify?

Clod Patry

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