[asterisk-dev] SOX creates distortion on WAVE to GSM conversion

Michael Grigoni michael.grigoni at cybertheque.org
Mon Apr 9 13:47:10 MST 2007

abalashov at evaristesys.com wrote:

> I know the post was off-topic, but I thought the replies to this user 
> were more than a little bit rude.  Please, guys, take a chill pill, if my
> advice counts for anything.

Now that someone else has opened this door, I feel free to submit
my comments.

This is one of the _most_hostile_ discussion forums of any open source
project; perhaps this hostility is intentional and calculated and whether
or not that is so, it is very unprofessional behavior and out of line
for a project of this magnitude.

A simple remedy includes these actions:

1. institute the periodic mailing of a FAQ and Etiquette for this list
    _to_ this list;

2. establish an 'asterisk-tech' list in the spirit of the other 'tech'
    lists for the various O/S projects; define that list as the primary
    recipient of posts regarding non-development technical questions
    and issues.

3. establish a canon of the use of 'asterisk-dev'; if you wish, restrict
    posting privileges to the list to invited or voted-in members.

I also submit that the organization of this entire project is
lacking in the fundamentals of large software project administration
and flies in the face of canonical methods, especially adherence
to a strict versioning roadmap with serious committment to version
support and proper documentation methodolgy.  Bloat is _evil_ when
there is a disdain for maintenance of lightweight previous versions.

Personally, I resented the back-of-the-hand treatment I received
from list members when I undertook an effort to remedy issues with
ADSI phone support in the codebase _we_ are using -- being told
it is a 'user' issue (fixing bad code is a 'user' issue?) and that
unless I work with current branches, no one is interested (despite
the fact that the affected code had not changed). There are many
legitimate reasons for freezing development at a particular point
when embedding code (not everyone is running interoffice exchanges
on big metal) into small systems and we had our reasons. Hostile
attitudes tend to encourage forking of projects...


Michael Grigoni
Cybertheque Museum

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