[asterisk-dev] ITU V.150.1 (also know as V.MOIP)

Zoa zoachien at securax.org
Tue Apr 3 06:00:23 MST 2007

Do you know any products that actually support v.150.1 ?
It's probably heavily patent encumbered and about a zillion times more 
work then to implement foip.


Leif Madsen wrote:
> On Tuesday 03 April 2007 07:39:38 Germán Aracil Boned wrote:
>> Exist any project for make ITU V.150.1 (also know as V.MOIP) support in
>> asterisk ?
> I am not aware of any support for this standard. If you wish to contribute 
> some code for it, then please open a bug at bugs.digium.com and attach your 
> patches.
>> How time for finish it and in this version 1.4 ?
> That would be impossible since 1.4 is already out, and no new features go into 
> releases. The earliest this could go in would be for 1.6, and if someone 
> would contribute the code for it.
> Leif Madsen.
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