[asterisk-dev] Page program limitation/bug

Alexander Lopez Alex.Lopez at OpSys.com
Mon Apr 2 20:59:21 MST 2007

There may be a string length issue here. In the mean time you can set up

Exten =>
7999,1,Page(Local/1 at zone-page&Local/2 at zone-page&Local/3 at zone-page|)

Exten =>
1,1,Page(Local/7110 at page&Local/7111 at page&Local/7112 at page&Local.......)
2,1,Page(Local/7120 at page&Local/7121 at page&Local/7122 at page&Local....)
Exten =>
3,1,Page(Local/7130 at page&Local/7131 at page&Local/7132 at page&Local....)

This will split your paging groups into zones and make it possible to
select 'areas' as well as page-all.

If you can determine that it is a character limit, by shortening the
extension numbers or change the [page] context to [pg] and seeing if it
fails at the same place, please open a ticket on bugs.digium.com....

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> I apologize in advance, as I am not a programmer.  I was
> hoping someone on this list could just verify that what I
> suspect is happening, is in fact happening - possibly by
> looking at the source code.
> I have 30 Polycom phones on my system and want to be able to do
> a "Page All".  It appears the "Page" program has a limit on
> the length of the second parameter.  As you can see below, it
> truncates the second parameter.  There should be 30 total extensions.
> When I page ALL, asterisk -r shows the following...
>     -- Executing Page("SIP/7112-b40e9410",
> "&Local/7125 at page&Local/7126 at page&Loc
al/7128 at page&Local/7129 at page&Local/7130 at page&Local/7131 at page&Local/7133@
> ge
> &Loc
al/7134 at page&Local/7135 at page&Local/7137 at page&Local/7138 at page&Local/7139@
> ge
> &Loc
> al/7113 at page&Local/7115 at page&Local/7117 at page&Local/7119 at pag") in new
> Apr  2 15:59:04 WARNING[2167]: app_page.c:193 page_exec: Incomplete
> destination
> '' supplied.
> Only the extensions listed above can hear the page (except 7119
> Is this just a limitation or a bug?
> BA
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