[asterisk-dev] Page program limitation/bug

Bill Andersen andersen at mwdental.com
Mon Apr 2 14:33:39 MST 2007

I apologize in advance, as I am not a programmer.  I was
hoping someone on this list could just verify that what I
suspect is happening, is in fact happening - possibly by
looking at the source code.

I have 30 Polycom phones on my system and want to be able to do
a "Page All".  It appears the "Page" program has a limit on
the length of the second parameter.  As you can see below, it
truncates the second parameter.  There should be 30 total extensions.

When I page ALL, asterisk -r shows the following...

    -- Executing Page("SIP/7112-b40e9410",
"&Local/7125 at page&Local/7126 at page&Loc
al/7128 at page&Local/7129 at page&Local/7130 at page&Local/7131 at page&Local/7133 at page
al/7134 at page&Local/7135 at page&Local/7137 at page&Local/7138 at page&Local/7139 at page
al/7113 at page&Local/7115 at page&Local/7117 at page&Local/7119 at pag") in new stack
Apr  2 15:59:04 WARNING[2167]: app_page.c:193 page_exec: Incomplete
'' supplied.

Only the extensions listed above can hear the page (except 7119 obviously)

Is this just a limitation or a bug?


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