[asterisk-dev] Bug 5266 also affecting ZAP FXS?

asterisk at ntplx.net asterisk at ntplx.net
Mon Feb 27 15:46:25 MST 2006

There was a problem with not being able to send RFC2833/DTMF to "unanswered"
channels, Bug ID 5266, that was fixed (bug is closed).

Was there any work done on analog ZAP FXS channels to SIP?

Phone -> FXS port on Asterisk -> SIP with RFC2833 -> gateway (SIP with RFC2833)

The problem is calling from an analog phone on Asterisk (TDM400 card) to an
IVR system that does not "answer" the call until after the IVR menus.

I'll do some more work finding it in the code, but I was interested to
know if anyone else had the same problem (Using Asterisk/Zap SVN 1.2).


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