[asterisk-dev] SIP Registration Issue

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at digium.com
Mon Feb 27 14:13:58 MST 2006

Damien wrote:

> I understand that it is okay for a SIP proxy to send old credentials,
> but should asterisk send an Authorization header in a re-register
> message if it has never used an Authorization header or ever been
> requested to send this header? If it has only sent a Proxy-Authenticate
> to a certain provider, shouldn't it send a Proxy-Authenticate on
> subsequent registrations?

That sounds like an Asterisk bug. If it used Proxy-Auth the first time,
it should use Proxy-Auth every time until told otherwise. If you can
grab a complete 'sip debug' of this issue, please open an issue in the
issue tracker at bugs.digium.com.

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