[asterisk-dev] What to do with RTCP ????

Olle E Johansson oej at edvina.net
Mon Feb 27 06:11:37 MST 2006

27 feb 2006 kl. 13.00 skrev BJ Weschke:

> On 2/27/06, Andreas Sikkema <andreas.sikkema at bbned.nl> wrote:
>>> The RTCP branch includes improved support of RTCP, but also a
>>> reporting facility we do not use currently. Would it be
>>> useful to add
>>> this to a channel variable - or even better a CDR variable - so you
>>> can add it to CDRs and make reports based on it?
>> I don't mind how it's reports, als long as it's relatively easy to
>> correlate RTCP data to users. So adding some information to a CDR
>> is fine.
>  Some integration with the CDR is fine, but I'd rather we make it
> available via a function so people can grab the data and do what they
> want with it.
A function is a good idea, but not a replacement for variables.

We can do a function too, but the end report is only available at
the end of the call, so a function would be of no use. The function
can deliver the current data mid-call, but would be of limited use.

>  To have an RTCP logging channel via the existing logger facility
> might be an interesting thing too. I'd proably use that to throw it to
> some facility that throws up mrtg type graphs,etc.
> --
Well, that would imply that we can log quality for other channels as  
well, so we
need to come up with generic stuff to have a log that can handle both  
IAX2 and rtp-based channels.


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