[asterisk-dev] Test my cool new sexy test-branch! * Extra Asterisk-bonus awards this week

Olle E Johansson oej at edvina.net
Tue Feb 21 14:00:51 MST 2006

(Sent to all Asterisk-related mailing lists I can find, my apologies for
being desperate :-)


The developer team for Asterisk not only consists of coders - a very  
important part are the testers, those that test new code and give  

For a few weeks, I've been maintaining a large number of branches  
with various stuff in them and have gotten very little feedback, not  
enough to judge whether or not to move forward with these patches.  
Some, but not all, code is written by me. There are large  
contributions from other developers, code that I maintain in several  
open subversion branches in order to help them stay up to date with  
their work.

To assist the testing group and make life easier, I've combined a lot  
of patches into one superbranch for testing. I've added the README  
further down.

** PLEASE help the community, please test this branch.

Check it out like this

svn checkout http://svn.digium.com/svn/asterisk/team/oej/test-this- 
branch test-trunk

Then cd into test-trunk and run "make" then "make install"

Report any bugs in the proper open bug in the bug tracker. If you  
like new functions, add a comment that this works for you. Provide  
feedback, make our work easier.

Run "svn update" from time to time to get the latest version. Any  
changes from trunk will be merged into this code. Read the  
README.test-this-branch file to get more information.

Thank you for your help!


PS. Obviously, this is test code, not recommended to be closer than 2  
miles from your production servers.

----------------------------- README.test-this-branch  


Asterisk is developed by the Asterisk.org user community. The
development team does not only consist of coders, but also
testers and people that write documentation and check for
security problems.

This is a combined branch of many patches and branches from the
bug tracker that needs your testing.  Please test and report
your results in the bug tracker reports for each patch.

What's in this branch?
This branch includes the following branches:

- sipdiversion: Additional support for the Diversion: header
- jitterbuffer: Jitterbuffer for RTP in chan_sip (#3854)
- videosupport: Improved support for video (#5427)
- peermatch: New peer matching algorithm (no bug report yet)
- rtcp: Improved support for RTCP (#2863)
- dialplan-ami-events: Report dialplan reload in manager (#5741)
- sipregister: A new registration architecture (#5834)
- subscribemwi: Support for SIP subscription of MWI notification (#6390)

Coming here soon:
- iptos: New IPtos support, separate audio and signalling (#6355)
- metermaids: Subscription support for parking lots (#5779)
- multiparking: Multiple parking lots (#6113)

And the following stand-alone patches
- New CLI commands for global variables (#6506)
- Additional options for the CHANNEL dialplan function

All of these exist in the bug tracker

* PEERMATCH: New object match for incoming calls. Skip the "user" :-)
In this code, we will match incoming calls like this:

- First user on From: user name
- Then peer on From: user name   *** NEW ****
- Then peer on IP and port

This means that in most configurations, you can configure a phone  
entry as
"type=peer" instead of "type=friend". Subscriptions will work much  
with just one object to match.

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