[asterisk-dev] Some new patches, testers anyone?

Edwin Groothuis edwin at mavetju.org
Mon Feb 20 20:07:18 MST 2006

I have uploaded three patches:

    Disable log / verbose output to remote consoles

    This one disables ("mutes") verbose and debug logging to a
    certain remote asterisk client. I needed it to gather data from
    a heavy utilised asterisk system without having to scroll back
    the whole time.

    add "pri show spans" CLI command

    When there is something wrong, you don't time to go through the
    output of "pri show span" to see which PRI is down. "pri show
    spans" shows them all at once. Actually made it to keep the
    nagios monitor less chatty too, it was indeed doing eight times
    "pri show span" to find out about the status of the PRIs.

    app_trunkisavail.c - load balancing between mulitple trunks

    Only useful if you have multiple Zap trunks towards the same

    ChainIsAvail() on Zap channels always gives back the first
    trunk, while it doesn't keep the channel open neither. So if
    you have a busy system, clashes will occur.

    TrunkIsAvail() will return either the first trunk with a free
    channel, or the trunk with most free channels. The first is
    just to emulate ChanIsAvail(), the second one is to do load
    balancing between two, three, n trunks.

If you think that the one or the other is useful, please give them
a try on your system and give your feedback (either via here or in
the mantis system)

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