[asterisk-dev] Silly bug in format_sln

Denis Smirnov ds at seiros.ru
Mon Feb 20 07:52:07 MST 2006

On Mon, Feb 20, 2006 at 06:56:21PM +0800, Dinesh Nair wrote:

>>I don't know why Cordyon76 needs to divide 0 by two. 
>>See _my_ patch, that was ignored by Corsyon76 (who closed my bug):
DN> i'm not sure what you're complaining about, for this patch of yours seems 
DN> already to have been incorporated into asterisk 1.2.4. at least it is in 
DN> the tarball copy pulled down from www.asterisk.org.

Yesterday I found bug and post patch. Cordyon76 respond that hi fix this
bug but with own patch and close bug. I see that this patch worse than my,
and reopen bug. Bug was closed. I reopen bug with quote from fseek(3). Bug
was closed. I reopen bug and once again have explained why it is not
right. Bug was silently closed. I write mail to maillist and after some
time seen in asterisk-commits that my patch was commited.

I does not understand why I need to spend so much time with flame for
commit trivial bugfixes. I create fix. My fix works. My clients use
Asterisk with my patches. I don't need that my patches be commited -- it's
works for me, I write scripts that helps me support that patches outside
Digium svn (I ask for branch in svn and my question was ignored). For
commit this patches I need to spend more time, than for write/test.

And I does not understand why I get -2 karma for commiting working patch
with separate bug id (for 64 bit filesize support).

JID: ds at im.seiros.ru
ICQ: 58417635 (please, use jabber, if you can)


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