Repost: Re: [asterisk-dev] How does RFC2833 get indicated to the SIP peer

Ed Greenberg edg at
Fri Feb 17 21:34:46 MST 2006

Can somebody who understands chan_sip.c please explain this to me? THanks.

--On Thursday, February 16, 2006 6:20 AM -0800 Ed Greenberg 
<edg at> wrote:

> Back in Asterisk 1.0.5, when we sent our SDP packet to the distant end,
> we sent
> 	m=audio <port> RTP/AVP <codec> 101
> where the 101 which indicated that we wanted to get RFC2833 DTMF from our
> other end.
> Now it's missing, and my peer (level3) is sending me inband DTMF.
> It's not obvious to me from reading channels/chan_sip.c (in either the
> old 1.0.5 or the current 1.2.4) how this 101 gets on the end of my Media
> Description line or how else the peer is supposed to know that I need
> rfc2833 DTMF.
> Can somebody please explain?
> Thanks,
> </edg>
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