[asterisk-dev] Calls not queued

md montejodaniel at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 17 01:17:11 MST 2006

i'm log dinamically the agent (SIP/1001) to the queue using AddQueueMember. 
That add the member to the queue and allow that to answer queue calls. The 
problem is that a second queued call ring in SIP/1001 when this agent is 
busy with another queue Call.
The scenario is:
- SIP/1001 is added dinamically to queue Queue1 with AddQueueMember
- SIP/1002 calls to queue Queue1
- The call rings in SIP/1001
- SIP/1001 answer that call and begin the conversation between SIP/1002 and 
- SIP/1003 calls to queue Queue1
- The call rings to SIP/1001 --> I think that this isn't correct. I think 
that that call must remain in the queue Queue1.

Thank you.

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