[asterisk-dev] Zap outofband busy indication to mobile networks

Paul Cadach paul at odt.east.telecom.kz
Thu Feb 16 06:21:03 MST 2006




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Subject: [asterisk-dev] Zap outofband busy indication to mobile networks

> Hi folks,
> Got an oddity that a user has raised to do with busy signalling and 
> inparticular when calling from a mobile phone. It seems that the 
> behaviour when calling * is slightly different to the norm i.e. If I 
> call an engaged landline number directly from my mobile then the mobile 
> gives engaged tone plus displays "number busy" then hangs up. If however
> I call * and pass the call simply to "Busy" then I get either the 
> regular engaged tones (priindication=inband) or three short tones 
> followed by hangup (priindication=outofband). The latter is closest to
> what normally happens but does not indicate busy as intended. I
> initially thought this might be down to the fact its iSDN but I have
> tried a similar test using a-n-other PBX on an iSDN 30 and that seems to
> act normally. Landline caller receives engaged tone as expected.
> Can anyone verify this behaviour and tell me if it is normal or bug
> worthy ?
> This is tested on asterisk 1.2.4, caller on UK mobile network and *
> connected using Zap E1 direct to telco hardware with SS7 onto network.
> Tristan.

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