[asterisk-dev] Bug? ${ANSWEREDTIME} not reseted when call failed

Kaloyan Kovachev kkovachev at varna.net
Tue Feb 14 08:10:48 MST 2006

 had similar situation with HANGUPCAUSE, but in your case option "C" of the
Dial app may help.

 Unfortunately to reset the HANGUPCAUSE i should either patch the Dial app,
pbx_builtin_setvar_helper or both, just wonder about dial app, should it be
done _only_ when C option is used or always, which one is the right behavior?
Suggestions anyone?

On Tue, 14 Feb 2006 15:33:19 +0100, Benoоt Mйrouze wrote
> Hello,
> I've developed a Perl AGI for Asterisk which plays my dialplan, and 
> I've noticed that the global variable ANSWEREDTIME could sometimes 
> be not null after a failed call (when calling a unknown number).
> That happens when the user calls a valid number for X seconds and 
> after calls an invalid number. The global variable ANSWEREDTIME is 
> then still set to X.
> Is it the normal behavior of Asterisk ?
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