[asterisk-dev] Libpri and caller name

Paul Cadach paul at odt.east.telecom.kz
Mon Feb 13 20:20:25 MST 2006


Alistair Cunningham wrote:
> Paul,
> Thank you for following up. We currently have "switchtype = national".
> Looking at the code, I see in transmit_display():
>          if(pri->switchtype != PRI_SWITCH_EUROISDN_E1) {
>              ie->data[0] = 0xb1;
>              ++i;
>          }
> Is this the escape character? Is it safe to comment out these lines?

Yep, of course. If it would behave as required by your peer exchange, please,
open a bug on bugs.digium.com and specify type of your peer switch.


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