[asterisk-dev] Web Based Soft Phone

Daniel Pocock daniel at readytechnology.co.uk
Mon Feb 13 18:25:09 MST 2006

If it's any help, have a look at reSIProcate 
http://www.sipfoundry.org/reSIProcate - it is a good starting point for 
you to build a phone.

http://www.sip-communicator.org also looks nice.

Both of these projects have mailing lists where you can discuss your 
plans in a lot more detail. 

While the idea of integrating a web softphone into Asterisk sounds nice, 
you would first have to integrate a web server into Asterisk first.  My 
impression of Asterisk is that it is meant to be used in a modular way - 
i.e. the Asterisk developers aren't going to bundle in a web server and 
softphone, as there are plenty of third party products that will do the 
same jobs, therefore, softphone design won't really be discussed on this 

Fernando Lujan wrote:

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>From: "Steven" <critch at basesys.com>
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>Subject: Re: [asterisk-dev] Web Based Soft Phone
>Not asterisk, and looks like you need to learn a metric load of
>information based on that question. Go learn about web apps and browser
>limitations some where else.
>Hi Steven,
>I already have a asterisk environment in production. So I know that asterisk
>isn't a softphone. :)
>I'm searching for a web-based softphone. In my research, I found this link:
>But the url:
>Doesn't provide much information in where I can found such app. Because of
>that, I come to this list and asked again.
>If we could integrate asterisk which a web-based softphone we could create
>web-base applications with all the telephony stuff together. Did you realize
>the power this brings to the CRM apps?
>I intent to try and develop a app like that. Anyway, if something already
>exists I think it will be a good start point. :)
>Anyway, thanks for your reply. Maybe I did not make myself clear enough in
>the last mail. I hope I have fixed it now.
>Fernando Lujan
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