[asterisk-dev] Libpri and caller name

Alistair Cunningham acunningham at integrics.com
Sun Feb 12 02:09:41 MST 2006


We've received the following from a T1 provider. We're trying to send 
the caller name, but it's not being propagated:

"Your equipment is using the Nortel specification of q.931, not the 
ANSI/ISO specification of q.931.  The Nortel version precedes the name 
with an escape character which the switch is interpreting as a 1.

       The solution is to ensure your equipment is set to the proper 
switch type, namely NI-1 or NI-2 (as opposed to a Nortel switch type 
like DMS-100).

       Additional note:  If you are using an Asterisk box with libpri, I 
am told that the Nortel spec is hardcoded into its behaviour (no matter 
what switch type is selected), in which case you should contact your 
vendor for updates to libpri (or contract some programmers to make the 
appropriate patches if you're supporting this in-house)."

I've had a look through the libpri code, and don't see the escape 
character or Nortel specific code. Can anyone please point me to the 
correct place, or to a patch?

Alistair Cunningham,
Integrics Ltd,
+44 20 799 39 799
sip:acunningham at integrics.com

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