[asterisk-dev] attempt #3 to build trunk failed

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at digium.com
Sat Feb 11 17:57:37 MST 2006

Steve Murphy wrote:

> Isn't there some way to prevent this kind of thing? Or is this the
> result of some kind of shortcoming in SVN? The only thing I can think of
> that a developer creates a new .h file, includes it in a source file,
> and forgets to "svn add" it to the repository when they commit
> everything. Their makes will complete, but everybody else will have
> problems.

Sure, it can be prevented by us all being perfect. We are not, so we
make mistakes. In this case, I modified the Makefiles in a strange
order, and did the channel drivers directory last. Because of that, when
I removed that header file (which was old, not new), the stuff in
formats did not get rebuilt so I did not notice that it was broken.

I think you may be expecting too much here; the trunk will be broken at
times, and may even fail to compile. That is not a reason to get excited
or upset; post the problem here, or get on #asterisk-dev on IRC and find
out if someone is in the middle of either fixing it or breaking it worse :)

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