[asterisk-dev] Voicemail deleted whilst being left

Matthew Butt matthew.butt at tricycleinc.com
Fri Feb 10 09:34:07 MST 2006

Something very weird has just happened - I got back to my desk and the
MWI on my phone (Grandstream GXP2000) was flashing.  I went to VM and
was told there was a new message, but when I tried to listen to it it
was empty - VM immediately went to the menu you hear after the message
has been played back.

Thinking that someone hungup and not left a message, I deleted it and
thought nothing of it.  I then got the e-mail from Asterisk saying that
there was a 1:18 message for me.  The WAV attachment was 66 bytes and
therefore invalid, and there was no trace of the message on the Asterisk

I looked back through the logs and figured out what happened - the MWI
indicator started flashing BEFORE the caller had finished leaving the
message.  I then managed to delete the voicemail message whilst it was
being left and could not get it back again.

Is this a known problem?


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