[asterisk-dev] Forwarding of SIP response codes

Deti Fliegl deti at fliegl.de
Thu Feb 9 05:22:20 MST 2006


it seems that SIP response codes are not forwarded thoroughly back to an 
SIP-UA. This happens for example in a call setup like this:

SIP-Phone -> Asterisk -> SIP-Gateway

If the SIP gateway answers 404 asterisk converts this into 503 and sends 
it to the calling SIP phone. The additional header 
"X-Asterisk-HangupCause: Unallocated (unassigned) number" is nice but 
does not help the SIP phone to display the correct hangup cause.
Is there any way to just forward the original response code? Did I miss 
something in the documentation to get this working?


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