[asterisk-dev] cdr_tds is not compiling

Tilghman Lesher tilghman at mail.jeffandtilghman.com
Wed Feb 8 21:22:44 MST 2006

On Wednesday 08 February 2006 21:39, Federico Alves wrote:
> I filed bug #0006436 in Mantis. A developer called Corydon76 was
> assigned and he can not duplicate the issue, probably because he
> has to modify the Makefile and include cdr_tds.so at the top, as

Actually, I wrote the Makefile and modified cdr_tds.c to work with
0.63, so I'm generally mystified about why you're having trouble.

> Edward mentions it. I have my development box to demo the problem.

Edward's notice that RH/CentOS put the headers in the wrong place
made me commit a change to the Makefile this afternoon to look in
that alternate location.

I'm still waiting for you to contact me on IRC, so I may look at
your system and find the real issue.


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