[asterisk-dev] cdr_tds not compiling

Federico Alves sales at minixel.com
Tue Feb 7 11:21:30 MST 2006

I hard-coded "#define FREETDS_0_63" in the first lines of cdr_tds.c, so the
warning should not matter. I do have two rpms installed: 

and I can do any operation with the database either via Tsql or Isql.

In spite of cdr_tds "knowing" about the version 0.63, it still fails to
compile. I also removed carefully any past versions of the tds headers.

Can somebody please let me know how can I make this work? The problem with
cdr_odbc (the alternative) is that it for each calls makes three trips to
the database, which under heavy load us a killer, and it is not necessary
any way, because SQL internally is caching the statement. The second problem
is that cdr_odbc leaves connections open to SQL Server and it kills the
server after a few days. By using cdr_tds, I have no problem at all, it
works flawlessly. I wonder why nobody else is using it. The perfect
softswitch is the combination of Asterisk + SQL 2005 Enterprise, and the
link is precisely cdr_tds.

cdr_tds.c: In function `tds_log':
cdr_tds.c:209: error: too many arguments to function
cdr_tds.c: In function `mssql_connect':
cdr_tds.c:390: error: `result_type' undeclared (first use in this function)
cdr_tds.c:390: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
cdr_tds.c:390: error: for each function it appears in.)
cdr_tds.c:390: error: too many arguments to function
cdr_tds.c: In function `tds_load_module':
cdr_tds.c:430: warning: unused variable `result_type'

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