[asterisk-dev] NFAS Implementation Spanning Multiple Servers

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at digium.com
Fri Feb 3 08:36:42 MST 2006

Steve Totaro wrote:

> 	I would definitely go for the backup D channel idea.
> 	What kind of motivation would be needed to get this done in a
> reasonable timeframe?  Money talks, BS walks.

I think we are all in agreement on the general concept. Moving beyond 
this will require someone to write a 'scope of work' document and 
present it to either Digium directly or to the community at large to see 
who wants to do the work.

I know that this is the sort of thing that Matt F really likes to do, we 
just need to define exactly what the result should look like, how it 
would be configured/managed/operated, etc.

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