[Asterisk-Dev] Asterisk Manager API documentation ?

Jean-Hugues ROBERT jean_hugues_robert at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 29 23:48:06 MST 2005


- StatusComplete
It indicates the completion of the status Manager API command.
When that command is issued, Asterisk sends a manager event for
each channels with the state/status of that channel. StatusComplete
is the last event sent and makes it possible to detect that all
status event were received (AFAIK).




At 10:39 08/06/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>   Hi Pere.
>I have been using the manager for a few days, but i have been doing
>some "research" into the source code. Its interesting. The function
>that send events is
>int manager_event(int category, char *event, char *fmt, ...)
>located in manager.c
>i use grep command to find the events that are sent by Asterisk (not
>sure if there is a better way of knowing what events ). The events i
>found were
>- Cdr
>- ParkedCall
>- MeetmeJoin
>- MeetmeLeave
>- MessageWaiting
>- Join
>- Leave
>- AgentCalled
>- Newexten
>- Hangup
>- Newchannel
>- Newstate
>- Unlink
>- Agentcallbacklogoff
>- Agentcallbacklogin
>- Agentlogin
>- Agentlogoff
>- Registry
>- PeerStatus
>- Alarm
>- AlarmClear
>- Reload
>- Shutdown
>i may have missed some, and i have not the time for now to check every
>event to document it, and may be somebody else already have done that
>in voip-info, but in fact i see some events in chan_agent.c that may
>be interesting for you.
>best regards

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