[Asterisk-Dev] Unlocking the unlocked...

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You aren't doing immediate mixing are you? That causes all kinds of
problems. We offload the files and do mixing on another machine.

The locked problem seems to be most apparent while doing lots of recording
on a loaded machine. Would there be any way to have Asterisk keep a buffer
for streams going to a recording? This isn't something that needs to have
the immediate delivery like a VOIP stream so it really shouldn't matter if
there is a 10 second pause in the delivery of the audio if it does get there
eventually right? With recording for us it is much more important that all
of the audio information is in there and I can't see any reason why a
delivery delay of a few seconds would really matter. Is adding a recording
buffer even possible?

If this is possible we would be willing to contribute to a bounty to
implementing it as this has been a constant frustration for us for the last
year and a half.


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    We're recording wav, mixing mp3. The retries patch is more a proof of
concept (Usually for that server load, calling again
ast_get_channel_by_name_locked finds the channel , that makes 20 retries).

I don't think a .conf variable will do, I think the list traversing
functions needs some re-work considering that under heavy load this problem
will get worst.

If more people thinks this issue should be addressed it can be followed up
on mantis.


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Happens to us every day for the last year and a half. It's a hard disk
read/write speed issue for the recordings. We've keep our recording drives
on separate physical disks from everything else and we try to keep that
partition as defragged as possible and that does help reduce the
channel_walk_locked warnings and the associated periodic recording audio

I'm very interested in your experience with changing the number of retries
and your results as we have not tried that yet. 

What audio format do you record in(wav or gsm)?
What do you usually change the number of retries to and how are the results?

If this can help significantly, maybe a config variable in features.conf
would be in order?



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