[Asterisk-Dev] How can I see what a thread is doing?

Steve Kann stevek at stevek.com
Mon Jun 27 12:38:41 MST 2005

Matthew Boehm wrote:

> Hey guys,
>  We are having some problems with asterisk and echo and dropped calls. 
> I think it is because we have an old 4 proc P3 machine and can't put 
> thru more than 6-7 calls before we start getting echo and major jitter.
>  I'm using "top" and are also displaying threads. There are 7 calls up 
> right now and I see about 15 threads spread amongst the CPUs. Most of 
> them are using 0% cpu. The top two threads are using about 50% each.
>  How can I find out what these two threads are doing to use so much 
> CPU? Can I do this without causing harm to the system? I've got 71 
> peers/users and all but 20 are being "qualified". Can this be using up 
> lots of CPU?

Try using oprofile.



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