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Todd T. Fries asterisk at email.fries.net
Mon Jun 27 13:26:07 MST 2005

has there been any activity on this?

mirza sahib wrote:
> There is an expired bounty on voip-info.org for chan_mgcp. We would like
> to revive this bounty with slight adaptation below.
> Description: chan_mgcp appears completely designed to operate in CallAgent
> mode. We need it to operate in Media Gateway/UserAgent mode as well, so
> as to function as an MGCP 1.0 compliant endpoint.
> Requirements:
>     *  Register to MGCP Call Agent (via RSIP)
>     *  Handle incoming calls to lines (such as aaln/1 at name)
>     *  Handle outgoing calls via the Call Agent (ie: 
> MGCP/${EXTEN}@callagent) (by using NTFY?)
>     *  Respond appropriately to AUEPs
>     *  Anything else needed to make a successful call outbound to a Call 
> Agent, and to receive a successful call inbound from a Call Agent, to 
> serve as a standards compliant fully functional endpoint.
> The bounty starts at $1000 US. There is a deadline of May 29th, 2005, and
> if you are going to be working on it, please let me know. If you think you
> need more than $1000, we can negotiate. All code must be (c) convergence
> (with due acclaim to author) and will be released GPL, disclaimed to
> Digium for inclusion in CVS. The code must be efficient and suitable
> enough to be incorporated into CVS-HEAD.
> The bounty will be paid upon satisfaction of the above conditions and
> successful tests and general *-dev community acceptance. Method of
> monetary transfer by SWIFT/TT.
> --
> wasim at cbs.com.pk | wasim h. baig | principal consultant | convergence pk
> this mail is confidential & intended solely for the use of the addressee
> P.S> If there is anything else anybody would like to see regarding this, 
> please let me know so I can incorporate it in the final SoW. Comments 
> welcome.
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