[Asterisk-Dev] GPL Violation alert.. (Actually, isn't)

Brian West brian.west at mac.com
Sun Jun 26 22:35:01 MST 2005

     Well I would still have to question why your wcfxo2.c differs  
very little in structure,
but yet you removed the copyright notices totally giving no  
attribution to digium or mark.

wcfxo.c is 1141 lines in cvs-head
wcfxo2.c is 591 lines from your site + 40 lines from wcfxo2-module.c

now I pose this question... How do we know you didn't move the GPL  
functions out of the module into your
own module proprietary module?  We'll never know!

EXPORT_SYMBOL(kernel_module_wcfxo2_initialize); < wcfxo_initialize  
exists in wcfxo.c
EXPORT_SYMBOL(kernel_module_wcfxo2_pci_tbl);  < wcfxo_pci_tbl exists  
in wcfxo.c

Looks like smoke and mirrors.  I'm not trying to attack you or your  
work just calling it like I see it.

And didn't you used to work for digium?


On Jun 26, 2005, at 4:29 PM, MvPhone wrote:

> Hi,
> I don't know if my response made it to the group ...
> But anyways you're finally right :) The package doesn't violate GPL.
> The driver is open sourced and links directly to zaptel & kernel.
> The closed part goes into kernel which is 100% ok.
> Appologies received. But it's better first to check ... then ATTACK
> so furiously...
> regards
> Martin

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