[Asterisk-Dev] new problem with dialplan timeout

Thomas B. Clark digium at clark.durham.nc.us
Sat Jun 25 19:11:43 MST 2005

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> Here is your clue: "Auto fallthrough". This actually changed quite some 
> time ago when Mark added autofallthrough support, and made the default 
> 'yes'.
> You have two options: add 'autofallthrough=no' to the [general] section 
> of your dialplan, or use WaitExten() instead of running off the end of 
> the context when you want to accept input from the caller.

Kevin, thanks for your fast response.  Unfortunately, I don't think it 
can be the autofallthrough parameter.  I already have 
autofallthrough=no, and this situation developed with a change from 
CVS--I did not make any changes in configuration files.

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