[Asterisk-bsd] Re: [Asterisk-Dev] moh issues

Dinesh Nair dinesh at alphaque.com
Fri Jun 24 23:12:46 MST 2005

On 06/15/05 18:57 Luigi Rizzo said the following:
> Thanks. However I found where the problem is, and it affects also
> FreeBSD 5.x and 6.x with the userland pthread library.
> No idea that is the status with other BSD systems.

i've come across this problem, though did not debug it as eloquently as you 
have in using MeetMe() in asterisk. with the standard pthreads library 
(libc_r), meetme blocks and the asterisk gets sluggish after just one user 
in the conference. recompiling with linuxthreads (lthreads) makes this go 
away, but then since chan_h323 is linked to openh323 (in the ports) and 
that isnt compiled with linux threads, chan_h323 cant yet be used in an 
lthreaded asterisk on freebsd 4.11.

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