[Asterisk-Dev] patch for the Asterisk Manager Interface Overf low

mattf mattf at vicimarketing.com
Sat Jun 25 06:25:28 MST 2005

This bug was posted almost two weeks before the 1.0.8 release as a CVS
Stable bug. Would someone be able to do a sweep of the bug tracker a week
before a release to see if there are any outstanding issues not addressed
and at least acknowledge them?

I did try the release candidate when it came out and it ran fine on my test
system. I didn't notice the 'bug' until I had some down time to put it on a
production system to test. 


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Overf low

mattf wrote:

> It bothers me that changes like this and the CallerID change in Release
> 1.0.5(that was undone in 1.0.6) happen without much chance for comment and
> without much justifcation as to why they are being made in a Stable tree.

There is nearly always _plenty_ of time for comment, but nobody seems to 
do so. Russell produced a "release candidate" for 1.0.8 nearly a month 
ago, made it available for testers, opened a bug asking for comments and 
posted here and on asterisk-users for the same.

He got a grand total of about 3 or 4 responses, I think. It seems that 
nobody who uses the 1.0.x releases is actually willing to try a 
potential new release, they only use the tarballs. Given that, it's very 
hard to adequately test changes before they make it into a tarball release.
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