[Asterisk-Dev] outbound RFC2833 broken - use inband instead?

Bryan Field-Elliot bryan at nextalarm.com
Thu Jun 23 12:42:16 MST 2005

Our inbound ATA uses RFC2833 (let's call that peer "10").

Once "in", we connect it to the outbound ATA (call it "20"), using a
simple extension:

exten => 20,1,Dial(SIP/20)

It's 20, not 10, that I need to send outbound DTMF to as inband. And 20
will have already registered with Asterisk as RFC2833. How can I set
20's DTMF mode to inband before transferring there?

I have tried this:

exten => 20,1,SIPDtmfMode(rfc2833)
exten => 20,2,Dial(SIP/20)

but it applies to "10", not "20", and in some cases, "10" is an IAXy
device (not even using SIP at all), so this doesn't ever do anything
useful as far as I can tell.

Is there some way to set 20's DTMF mode to RFC2833 before transferring a
call there?

On Thu, 2005-06-23 at 14:14 -0400, Jerris, Michael MI wrote:

> From: asterisk-dev-bounces at lists.digium.com [mailto:asterisk-dev-
> bounces at lists.digium.com] On Behalf Of Bryan Field-Elliot
> After working diligently with techs from two separate ATA
> manufacturers, we're pretty convinced that the process of sending
> RFC2833 DTMF digits outbound, from Asterisk to an ATA, is broken.
> Note that I'm not saying that the code in Asterisk --
> ast_rtp_senddigit() -- is necessarily broken. We have one vendor
> claiming it is, and another saying that they don't handle inbound
> RFC2833 well in the first place.
> What I'd really like, is to apply a patch so that, instead of calling
> ast_rtp_senddigit, we instead generate and send an inband DTMF tone
> (for a duration of, say, 250ms).
> Why not set the ATA to use info, and asterisk to inband, it should
> have the same affect. 
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