[Asterisk-Dev] moh again... architectural bug (missing synchronization)

Kevin Bockman ml at neoninternet.com
Wed Jun 15 09:32:33 MST 2005

HI Luigi,
> I wonder if the lack of /dev/zap/timer prevents moh from
> working, which seems a real bug considering that the generator
> already supplies the necessary data...

Yes, MOH needs a timer whether it be ztdummy (usb or rtc) or hardware. 
You'll need to install zaptel, then recompile Asterisk.

So this threads issue will eat up memory and not release it?  I guess
that explains one of my current problems.  I'm running Linux
(I'm a FreeBSD perosn myself too, but I figured with running Asterisk I
should be running Linux).  I don't guess you would know when on Linux
that this problem started so I can change my kernel or whatever I need
to do huh? :D


Kevin Bockman

P.S. I'm not a programmer, I just monitor this list so I know what's
going on with Asterisk.

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