[Asterisk-Dev] Keeping users, extensions, voicemail and so on in DB

Jerris, Michael MI mjerris at ofllc.com
Mon Jun 13 21:05:30 MST 2005

> Irakli Natsvlishvili
> Hello,
> I have one question regarding *. Default configuration for 
> asterisk is to keep configuration(s) in ordinary text based 
> config files. 
> My question is simple: is it possible to keep those config 
> info (at least, to start from - sip.conf, extensions.conf and 
> voicemail.conf) on a database, which asterisk access via 
> ODBC. If it is possible, I'd appreciate if someone points me 
> where I can read more about it and shows me some examples. 
> Also I'd like to know, how asterisk behaves (in terms of stability and
> performance) in this environment.
> I.N. 


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