[Asterisk-Dev] PRI receive and answer supervision

Matthew Simpson matthew at txlink.net
Sun Jun 12 11:09:00 MST 2005

> Yes. Early media came from bellcore, I believe.  All of your 
> intercept-type messages utilize early media without ever sending Answer 
> Supervision, so to not get charged for those calls.

how can I get a dump of frames that asterisk is seeing on the receive side 
of these channels?  In the faxdetect app, the only difference between a 
working conf and a non-working conf is a call to ast_answer.. which gets 
translated to zt_answer.  In zt_answer under SIG_PRI I see a call to 
pri_answer which presumeably sends a pri "ACKNOWLEDGE" triggering answer 

Leading me to believe that the Lucent switch is not sending early media. 
Call flow is:

analog subscriber --> Bell switch --> Feature group D --> Lucent --> PRI to 
Asterisk --> Asterisk

so it could be the lucent breaking it or perhaps even further back in the 
call path.  ugh.  If it weren't for the bell switch I wouldn't care so much 
about answer supervision, but an answer on a busy/noanswer is sent all the 
way back to the analog subscriber.

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