[Asterisk-Dev] CTI, 3rd party call support, manager future

Mark DeBusschere markd at line-4.com
Fri Jun 10 15:34:53 MST 2005

I am sure there is / will be substantial need for better 3rd party
call control within Asterisk, ie. CTI.  I have been using the
manager for the last month and although it has worked well
it is limited.

I have done my best to search the archives on this subject and have
seen references to changing / updating / new ideas for the manager. 

My questions are: 1) Is this issue being addressed by anyone.
Has there been a formal plan such as expansion of the current
manager or starting a new manager from scratch.  We would
like to join in anything on going and of course don't want
to step on anything in progress.

If there is nothing currently planned, should we invest time
adding to the current manager? It seems to be not significant
in the big picture as most CTI parts of a switch are secondary.

Thank for reading,

Mark DeBusschere
markd at line-4.com

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