[Asterisk-Dev] Re: [Asterisk-biz] Patent lawyers?

Mike M no-linux-support at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 8 12:15:07 MST 2005

On Wed, Jun 08, 2005 at 08:45:54AM -0700, David Pollak wrote:
> Mike,
> I know of at least two companies that used this software to deliver 
> faxes via e-mail to national and international networks of users.  It 
> was not a single PC receiving faxes into an inbox, it was incoming faxes 
> distributed to one or more e-mail addresses where the e-mail was read 
> nationally or internationally.

I guess we should read the patents now (Z-Z-Z-z-z-z-z).  Actually, if
there is a serious challenge being mounted then it would be useful for
technicals to read the patents and thus become a resource to the

> Remember also that you cannot patent the automation of a manual 
> process.

What about Amazon's "one-click buy" patent.  If the rule exists
then it's not being applied consistently - but then - that's part of the
bigger problem with software patents.


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